Membership Activation Form - Step #1 (of 2)

"Yes! I am ready to 'master the markets' with the help of TrendLine Trader charting software, the only software that generates trading signals in real-time and enables me to consistently pull money out of the market.

I realize that the TrendLine Trader method is so simple and effective that it can take a guy who has never traded a day in his life and turn him into a profitable trader overnight.

I understand that TrendLine Trader works for trading stocks, commodities, futures, eMinis, forex and currencies, or for trading options on them.

I understand that like anything worthwhile, I will have to put in some effort, but that my efforts will be rewarded with bigger trading gains, more often.
  • I understand that the special introductory rate to become a Member of TrendLine Trader is $108.95 ($99.00 + $9.95 for Priority Shipping and Handling). The Membership Kit consists of the TrendLine Trader charting software and the 48-page Manual. 
  • When I become a Member today, I will lock in the low rate of $99 per month and will never have to pay more as long as I remain an active Member in good standing. (This is true even if the price increases for new Members.)
  • Furthermore, I understand that my Membership today is covered by an Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason, or no reason at all, I am not fully satisfied with TrendLine Trader, I can return the materials for a full refund of my money, less the cost of shipping and handling.
  • I understand that all orders received by 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday are shipped the same day via USPS Priority Mail, which offers two to three day delivery to most U.S. locations. If my order is submitted after 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time, it will be shipped the next business day. (Note: If you are not located in the U.S. you will receive an email with shipping options once we receive your order.)
  • I understand that I will receive instructions on how to install and activate the TrendLine Trader software after I become a Member.
Under these conditions, please activate my Membership immediately.

Step #1 (of 2): Choose Your Charting Platform:

Here's what to do first: Click the circle next to the charting platform you wish to use. You will automatically be taken to the appropriate order form.

If you are relatively new to trading and do not currently use any charting platform, then eSignal may be a good choice for you. It is simple and easy to use.

Current MultiCharts users
If you already use MultiCharts, select this option.  (If you are not redirected after clicking on the Button, please Click Here.)

If you are an experienced trader who would like a more robust charting platform that supports multiple data feeds, then MultiCharts will likely be the best choice for you. It is a stand-alone charting program that accepts streaming data from leading data providers like TradeStation, Interactive Brokers (TWS), eSignal, Metastock, Patsystems (J-Trader), IQFeed, MarketCast and many more. MultiCharts also features FREE end of day data for stocks and major indices.  (If you are not redirected after clicking on the Button, please Click Here.)
Also, by special arrangement with the developers, we are able to offer a low cost monthly lease, as well as a purchase option, following your 30 day FREE trial of MultiCharts.
MultiCharts also features FREE end of day data for stocks and major indices.
If you choose MultiCharts, you do not need to do anything else at the present time. The installer will be included with your TrendLine Trader Membership Kit. MultiCharts is automatically enabled for a 30-day free trial.  After your 30 day trial, you will be charged $49/month for MultiCharts.

Note: This is a great deal!! MultiCharts usually leases for $99/month. This discounted lease arrangement for MultiCharts is only available to our subscribers, and is offered by no one else.

If you would like your brokerage and charting platform to be in the same place, then TradeStation may be for you. TradeStation is a brokerage that also offers an advanced charting platform with the ability to create and backtest trading systems. To learn more about TradeStation, and to see if you are eligible for a Free Trial of the TradeStation charting platform, contact Allen Brown at 888-223-9671.  Be sure to mention "TrendLine Trader."  Allen can walk you through the account opening process, as well as make sure you are aware of what incentives and training resources are available to new clients.  (If you are not redirected after clicking on the Button, please Click Here.)

NinjaTrader reads multiple data feeds and is FREE for advanced charting.  You can even enter orders right from your TrendLine Trader enhanced Ninja Trader Charts.  (If you are not redirected after clicking on the Button, please Click Here.)