TrendLine Trader for TradeStation

TradeStation is the first platform designed to actually help you find trading strategies, not just place trades randomly. That’s because it’s designed to test your trading ideas (your own or virtually any third-party strategy) on decades of historical market data—before you trade. And when every trade can mean the difference between a profit or loss, having the right strategy can make a big difference to your bottom line.

But TradeStation offers you even more power…
In trading where every second counts and missed opportunities can be your worst nightmare, TradeStation is designed to harness the power of your computer to monitor the markets and then automatically send your orders to the marketplace—within seconds of the market moves you specify. It's like having a superhuman trading assistant.

Combine this unique functionality with TradeStation's deep discount commissions for stocks, futures, options and forex, and it's no wonder that tens of thousands of traders pay $99.95 each month for TradeStation's award-winning functionality.

Trendline Trader is not meant to be an automated trading system, but TrendLine Trader for TradeStation does include a basic strategy, as well as functions that output the values of the Bias Bar and oscillator.   Advanced EasyLanguage programmers that wish to attempt to create trading systems can get instructions on using these functions from our support department.

In TradeStation, TrendLine Trader signals are denoted by small letter above or below the signal bar according to the following legend:

 Long Signals, the letter(s) will be Green and Below the Bar:

B = Buy

S = Sell

E = Cash (Exit)


If you are still not convinced or have questions you can call our office between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 800-228-4256.



Please Note: The TrendLine Trader Software for TradeStation runs on the TradeStation charting package but there is no business connection between TrendLine Trader Trading Software and TradeStation. TradeStation has no financial interest in the TrendLine Trader software,