TrendLineTrader for eSignal

eSignal is the premier quote and charting platform for professional traders. 

It includes its own data-feed, quotes, charts and a few basic technical studies and drawing tools.  You can add other options like Level II Quotes, Real Time News and more Advanced Studies for an additional charge. 

Its integrated quote screen is completely customizable and can pull up quotes on virtually any trading symbol from any market in the world in the blink of an eye (exchange fees and additional charges may apply to receive quotes on the various exchanges).

eSignal requires little computer knowledge to use, and set-up is quick and easy.

Call up a chart on the trading instrument of your choice by just typing  in a symbol

Give your chart form and direction by adding the TrendLine Trader and changing time intervals with a click of the mouse. 

eSignal offers every tool required by the professional trader including Market Depth, Market Scanning, Option Analysis, Time and Sales Displays, Customizable Alerts, Real Time News Feeds and More.  You can also link a Quote Window to a Chart and effortlessly scan through a group of symbols of your choosing as you look for potential trades.

To learn more about eSignal and to receive a 30 day free trial, contact Scott Wilks at 800-322-1819 or click here to send Scott an email. Be sure to mention "TrendLine Trader."

If you are still not convinced or have questions you can call our office between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 800-228-4256.